Irish Breakfast Band's
3rd Recording (2015)

At Home

Cover of CD: At Home, painting by Brendan Sheridan

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The Irish Breakfast Band, in its third decade, offers its third recording. Traditional Irish music has kept us together over the years of Saturday morning breakfasts, practices, sessions, and performances. We have welcomed new members, including some of our own children. Making music with friends and sharing the tradition with family, neighbors and the community is our delight.


  1. The Banks of Inverness
  2. Redican's Mother/ The Humours of Derrycrossane
  3. Jannie's Jig/ Max and Lynn's Wedding Jig/ The Wedding Party (by Karen Helbrecht and Gordon Johnston)
  4. The Listowel Hornpipe/ Dunphy's Hornpipe
  5. She Didn't Dance/ Haste to the Wedding
  6. Peeler Creek/ Sonny's Mazurka/ The Irish Mazurka
  7. The First Night in America/ The Bird in the Bush/ The Rose in the Heather
  8. Dr. Cleave's Farewell to NASA (by Gordon Johnston)/ Planxty Sean Doherty (by Martha Beall)
  9. The Musical Priest/ Toss the Feathers/ The Banshee
  10. Yellow John/ Trip to the Cottage/ Yellow John
  11. Fisher's Hornpipe/ The College Hornpipe
  12. The Coast of High Barbary
  13. A Fig for a Kiss/ Another Jig Will Do/ A Fig for a Kiss
  14. Paul Linehan's/ Rosie Finn's Favorite/ The Desmond Ceili Band Slide
  15. Johnny O'Leary's Polkas #1 and #2

All tunes traditional, except as noted. Arrangements copyright Irish Breakfast Band. Jannie's Jig, Max and Lynn's Wedding Jig, the Wedding Party and Dr. Cleave's Farewell to NASA performed with permission from Karen Helbrecht and Gordon Johnston. Planxty Sean Doherty performed with permission from Martha Beall.

On this recording:

Our thanks to Josh Dukes who produced this recording and coached us in its preparation, to Myron Bretholz for the liner notes and to Brendan Sheridan for the cover art. We are honored to be associated with these three wonderful and knowledgeable musicians.

Produced by Josh Dukes.
Recorded and mixed by Chris Murphy, RHL Audio
Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Airshow, Takoma Park, MD
Liner notes by Myron Bretholz, except those for Tracks 3, 7, 8 by band members.
Art Direction and Design by Bruce Milton, Alexandria, VA

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