The Irish Breakfast Band
In the Top 10?

A recent book, Ireland's Most Wanted, places the Irish Breakfast Band in a list of top ten Irish "Acts, Shows, and Entertainers." The list appears in a book whose complete title is: Ireland's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Celtic Pride, Fantastic Folklore, and Oddities of the Emerald Isle. The book is by Brian M. Thomsen, published in 2005 by Potomac Books, Inc., Washington, D.C. It is part of their Most Wanted series.

The list of acts, on pages 145 to 149 of the book, includes brief descriptions of each act. Here's the list:

  1. The Irish Tenors
  2. Riverdance
  3. The Clancy Brothers (with Tommy Makem)
  4. Dennis Day
  5. The Lord of the Dance
  6. James Galway
  7. Dave Allen [1936-2005, Irish born, BBC comedy star]
  8. Enya
  9. The Fleadh [pronounced "flah," it means festival of Irish traditional music]
  10. The Irish Breakfast Band

The author describes the Irish Breakfast Band as "Emblematic of the grassroots resurgence of the popularity of all things Irish in the United States." (He writes that the band was formed in the late 1990's; however, the band's formation goes back to approximately 1983.)

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