Irish Breakfast Band's
2nd Recording (2005)

On High Cross Farm

Cover of CD: On High Cross Farm, stained glass by Sean Doherty

Available at our Concerts or from cdbaby through this link


  1. Munster Buttermilk/ Rakes of Kildare/ Haste to the Wedding
  2. McAuliffe's/ Maggie Shanley's/ Denis Enright's
  3. St. Anne's/ Temperance/ Glen Allen
  4. Mary Ann McGrory
  5. Father Brian McDermott Roe
  6. Metal Man (by Robin Dransfield)
  7. Mary Bergin Set
  8. Tobin's Fancy/ Off She Goes/ Morrison's
  9. On High Cross Farm/ Mark and Shawna's (by Karen Helbrecht and Gordon Johnston)
  10. An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig?/ Taimse mo Chodladh
  11. Captain O'Kain/ Katherine O'More
  12. Morning Dew/ White Leaf
  13. Paddy West/ Sailor's Hornpipe
  14. The Scholar/ Flowers of Edinburgh
  15. Behind the Haystack/ My Darling Asleep
  16. Boyne Hunt/ Primrose Lass/ Fermoy Lasses
  17. Boys of Blue Hill/ Taylor's
  18. Mrs. Anne MacDermott Roe/ Carolan's Cup

Our thanks to two of the finest Irish musicians: Brendan Mulvihill, who played with us as a guest artist and coached through the learning and recording of this music, and Myron Bretholz, who produced this recording and provided the liner notes. There just aren't any better musicians of friends.

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