Irish Breakfast Band's
1st Recording (1998)

Sean's Treasure

Cover of CD: Sean's Treasure, painting by Brendan Sheridan

Available at our Concerts or from cdbaby through this link

1999 Wammie Winner (Irish/Celtic Recording) from the Washington Area Music Association!


  1. Drowsy Maggie/ O'Connell's Trip to Parliament/ Joe Cooley's
  2. Rambling Pitchfork/ Bit of Ginger
  3. Sean's Treasure (by Sue McIver)
  4. Mairi's Wedding
  5. Come All Ye Maids
  6. Alexander's/ Off to California
  7. Sally Garden/ Mountain Road/ High Reel
  8. Lark on the Strand/ Tripping up the Stairs/ Blackthorn Stick
  9. Butterfly
  10. Galway Belle/ Ballydesmond
  11. From Galway to Dublin/ Patsy Touhey's/ Morning Star/ Peeler's Jacket
  12. Star of the County Down
  13. Maggie's Waltz (by Steve Soderberg)
  14. Hennessy's/ Liverpool
  15. The Wild and Wanton Youth
  16. The Kerry Slides
  17. Foxhunter's Jig
  18. Paddy on the Railroad/ Silver Spear
  19. Eileen Og

This CD features new arrangements of IBB favorites, several songs and 'live' sounding straight big band tracks as well as two original compositions. The recording session went well with no injuries despite the number of people in the room, and the sound guys at Walton Recording, Inc. were great.

To prepare for the recording the band brought in Gordon Stevens of T-Group Music to help arrange, conduct and select the music. As an outsider to the band Gordon was able to bring an unbiased perspective to the process which has proven invaluable.

Mix-down on Sean's Treasure started in early August of 1998. Once that was done the other hurdles like a jacket and liner notes had to be addressed. The band pooled its collective skills and resources to design a jacket and write out the liner notes. The CD was released on November 12, 1998.

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